‘Life is about exploring the alternative to your existence. What would life be like if you were just a  spirit floating on the breeze? What if you were not human? Life is about finding the alternative, never standing still, there are always other paths to follow.’© 

IMAG0078@ The Alternative pen the idea is to present poetry that has both a spiritual feel but also the feel of randomness. Some poetry may be just the first thoughts that come to you, others may be specific observations. There is no right or wrong way to write, this site is all about introducing what words and lyrics come naturally. It is poetry without over-thinking.

ALL entries and photos are copyrighted©…  I will be encouraging others to contribute…



IMAG0231Don’t forget me if u pass,
Take me to the lowest point,
Scream at me if u wish,
I am under the lights… too far to travel,
Too obscure.© 




Fleeting raindrops on a summers evening,
reflecting willows,
for lost moments of a weary day.©