On writing poetry

For me writing poetry is just something that happens to me when I’m working or out walking. Something will trigger in me, it might be a place, a thing or a conversation. Sometimes I might just write one line then after 10 mins the second line might come. There is no particular process. For me it comes naturally.

My advice would be to anyone writing poetry, to never sit around waiting for something to happen, because the chances are that it won’t. The other best advice is to walk somewhere different every day at various times. I would never routinely go to the same places. Try not to over think. Try to challenge yourself and write on a variation of subjects. Never throw unfinished work away.

2 thoughts on “On writing poetry

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    1. ALgunner67 Post author

      Thank your for your comments I am in the process of putting stuff more out there so thank you for reading.


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