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This is the place where I will post latest tweets and conversations. All conversations are copyrighted.

‘I would email you but I don’t know your address,
It’s no good me calling cos’ I don’t know your number,
I wouldn’t know how to keep a conversation going anyway.
OK here goes….’© 

10.10.2014… Guest poet…

She stood on the steps,
The town hall looked different in the rain,
Not so welcoming,
Wind blew the thin material of her dress and she felt a shiver run through her,
A woman walked by,
She saw the pity in her eyes,
Almost as though she was playing out her own life in front of her,
The mistakes,
The pain,
The loneliness,
She turned away,
Holding her bouquet tight and vowing that life would different.


alan sawyer @alternativepen •   4.8.2014

Thinking of war
She hid from the gunfire,
A life on the run,
A life in fear,
Touched only… By the hope that one day she may be free.

Deep within the peace,
Is a distant gun?
A dying son, a wife battered,
A child imprisoned… It makes me feel like no one has listened.

Lives in blood,
For her no difference,
No change to future pasts,
Pathways obscured through shadows.© ACS



alan sawyer @alternativepen • 27.7.2014


She’s not sleeping anymore,
Flashing lights and mobiles snore,
Codes, apps, likes, re-tweet,
Voice, check, text repeat…

Watching reels inside my head,
No movement inside my brain,
The anxiety of the outside faces,
Help me touch something real again!

Colours touch me in fear of being alone,
Gadgets make me feel at home,
Scared of silence and being still,
Instead of eating… take a pill!

Distracting eyes, tabs and decisions,
Smiling at cameras for no reason,
No sleep from noise and film,
Headaches to blur the feelings we had.

Roadsides and racing cars,
Crowded pavements ache my feet,
Inhalation, smoke and fries,
Speed, shout, rush, repeat!© ACS


Woke to storms and lightning flashes,
Darkened skies and thunder crashes,
Now the sun shines I forget…
How angry she was.

Now she’s the sunshine girl,
She hides behind her eyes,
No more screaming, calling names!
She’s the life and soul. The girl of fun…

He’s the one, who picks the pieces,
Irons out the tiny creases,
Sweeping up from the storm…
Clouds, anger and restlessness © ACS


She had the cool morning sun on her hair,
Dew from the rain the night before,
The reflecting light of a rainbow,
Glancing over her shadow.© ACS

Watching the traffic of distraction, That keeps me in that lonely place, Peoples eyes noting my smile, I’m chasing the sun in the taxi.

He’s staring at me why? She’s swearing at me why? They’re all laughing at me why? I’m pretty much invisible that’s why! © ACS

We r living in the last lull of civilisation, Waiting for the final storm, The end before the new beginning, waiting for the wave to crash.© ACS

Invisible webs stretch from me to you. A silver thread made from hope & wishes. I take the scissors to severe the link. And chop

• alan sawyer ‏@alternativepen Jul 15
@miho_mallace then I wonder, over think, The connections we had in the silk, Spent so much time spinning, Preying together, loving the fire.

• Sara ‏@miho_mallace Jul 15
@alternativepen unraveled we are undone? Stitches picked apart Silky threads from me to you at least the fire remains true. I gaze we wonder

• alan sawyer ‏@alternativepen Jul 15
@miho_mallace now love is hanging between us, I’m ice in isolation, just surviving, Spinning in the trap I set for u… Waiting with regret.

Sara ‏@miho_mallace Jul 15
• @alternativepen are you sure it’s love & not me hanging? I’ve cold heart beats slowly for you, for me. You caught me but tis me that’s free

alan sawyer ‏@alternativepen Jul 15
• @miho_mallace I’m asking where does your heart beat? In the oasis of being free? In the love u still have for me? Or for another master?

Sara ‏@miho_mallace Jul 15
• @alternativepen the only master I serve is my muse. My heart beats for the love of words only. I swim in the oasis it washes my sins clean.

alan sawyer ‏@alternativepen Jul 15
• @miho_mallace singing to our own words, we drift off to the sea to cleanse our realities. Lifting ourselves.. from those deceitful webs set.

Sara ‏@miho_mallace
@alternativepen I sing rather badly don’t you know cover your ears learn to let me go for i would rather have ugly truth then pretty lies ( Thanks to Sara for her words and kind permission to use the conversation)


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