About me

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IMAG0163About the Alternative pen…

My name is Alan Sawyer; I call myself ‘The Alternative pen’ because in large I believe in writing how you feel and not how teachers expect you to! I don’t think in straight lines and if you want your poetry to rhyme, then that’s fine, as long as it stands up!
I live and work in the East of England. I have worked in horticulture for the last 25 years and draw from that experience. Most of my writing is done on note pads or my phone now, while walking across fields with my border collie early in the mornings. Most of my hobbies are around the outdoors and nature. I began to write at about the age of 10 years old, some short stories but mainly poetry and have written about 1000 pieces to date. My main influences are Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Wordsworth, John Lennon and Roger Waters.

I was drawn away from writing large pieces of work by spending more time on song-writing. I have been a member of the association of song-writers for 25 years. The Poems are often derived from lyrics and appear at the beginning of each chapter of my work. However I spent nearly 15 years not writing and began writing again in 2012.

Cloudburst is my first novel it is the first of 2 books. I have 2 more books (not sequels) already in the planning stage.