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Cloudburst is set in the East Anglian countryside in the hot summer of 2013, against the backdrop of slow living, water meadows, Cathedrals and Church’s. But all is not quite what it seems.
Maria is a writer and horticultural expert who has just moved into the village for a quiet life and to start work on her next book. She soon gets overtaken when she discovers deceit and deception all around her.

Maria soon gets involved with Blake, they have similar backgrounds of turmoil and betrayal. We learn she has links to the ancient Maya culture and has special powers that she has to learn to harness. She must decide whether to use them to help Blake. She has to decide whether to cross the line.
We learn from back-stories that Maria was abused as a child by her father. She discovers that she is able to get inside others minds and control their actions. In the present she has been visiting an Aunt in hospital that endorsed her father’s actions and Maria seeks to punish her.
We get to know who Maria is and how she has the sixth sense over those around her. How she gathers strength from rain storms. As the book goes on we see how strong Maria actually is and what she can do to achieve her goals. On the other hand we get to learn her weaknesses her lack of understanding of how real relationships work. This is shown through the darkness of her past and how she fails to understand empathy in the now. Maria cannot however do whatever she wants. It demonstrates her vulnerability that she cannot get into everyone’s mind. We can see that this situation creates despair and pain, taking us once more back into her childhood, when she was helpless.

There is sympathy with Maria in the present as well as the past and we have to see what she can do to free herself from her own abusive relationship in the now as well as still helping Blake. IMAG0313

 Excerpts from the novel

‘There’s a cloudburst,
In the Heavens,
That’s crushing her world for the longest time.’    © 

‘The sky is clear, perfect in fact, like an ocean, just the odd streak, like someone has smoked a cigarette and the slightest puff had left its trace. Gently in the background are the first notes of Pink Floyd’s ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’, quietly capturing the moment, the sea of sky now encircling. Slowly a small island appears, then from the north another drifts in, the breeze has gathered pace and the sea is just a shade more choppy. From the west a darker shape appears scuttling towards the faint white smoke and colliding, seamlessly, just as the first drum beats. A small bird skids across in front, but still there is focus undaunting, unmoved and no distraction. Soon there are several islands of dark clouds and the sun becomes blotted out. As the music fades into the first lyrics, the first spots of rain fall and the perfect moment has gone.’  © 

    ‘ Very quietly in the distance the first strings of Mozart’s Requiem can be heard, like someone carrying the music in their hands. It feels as if it is moving closer and closer but not getting any louder, then suddenly it flashes to full volume, the choir cuts in and it fills your head. The eyes scan around the Cathedral, first the ceiling; the wooden carvings jut out and flow into the roof where there may be some kind of expectation, some kind of escape to another world and to God himself. There is hope that the world might be a better place the next time around or in heaven. Beams of dust form, drifting through the windows and doors as the light scrambles to make its way through every available crack, then shimmies down the walls and into the shadows. In the corners there is no light, no way out; these are the corners of life and its stony walls, the depths of hell and temptation.’  © 



 ‘Follow the lightning in the storm,
That pours into the lakes,
Drowning the dreams of love,
And life’s lingering mistakes.’  © 

‘Have you ever wondered what it must be like for a small child to be locked in a bedroom entirely powerless? There’s something ultimate about it all. A child is helpless and unable to do anything; it’s a punishment that lasts longer than any words or violence because it gives that child time for it all to play on their mind, and it never leaves them.’© 


And in the corner of the garden,
Where flowers draw their breath,
Sits a lonely child,
Conferring with her death.’© 



 If you enjoyed reading these quotes, Cloudburst will be available on kindle


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